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Narva-Jõesuu is a small health-resort town in Estonia situated in Ida-Virumaa county 15 km from the border city Narva. This cozy resort town on the shore of the Gulf of Finland and the mouth of the Narva River has long been considered one of the most beautiful places for summer holidays in Estonia. The resort history of the town began in 1873 with the construction of the first rental cottages and improvement of the town. In 1876 the first hot baths began to operate, mud baths and bathing facilities were added later. In the 19th century the town became a popular resort for wealthy people from St. Petersburg, then the capital of tsarist Russia. The town became not only a favorite vacation place of the Russian aristocracy, but also a resort of world significance. In the 30s of the last century it was called the pearl of the Baltic and the Estonian Riviera. This region is connected with many famous creators of the past years - among the guests of the resort were Ilya Repin, Ivan Shishkin, Nikolay Leskov, Dmitry Mamin-Sibiryak, Igor Severyanin.

And today it is one of the most beautiful and popular summer vacation places in Estonia! In the town for numerous guestsnthere are sanatoria, health centers, guest houses, restaurants, bars, shops, a museum, a library, and churches. And, of course, picturesque nature and sea air remain the main values of the spa resort of Narva-Jõesuu. The most popular tourist attractions of Narva-Jõesuu are the sanatorium Narva-Jõesuu and the spa centers Meresuu and Noorus.

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