Border rules

How to behave in the vicinty of the border

If you are going to have a holiday in the vicinity of the east border area, it will be good to know where the temporary border has been established. In case of questions, you can always turn to the local border guard station. You must be attentive when you hike, pick mushrooms or berries in the regions close to the east border. The border posts are indicating the temporary border line between the Republic of Estonia and the Russian Federation and the warning signs with a image of a red hand and a text: “Stop, Estonian state border! “, shall draw attention to the border regime area.

According to Regulation of Border Regime, blasting, trainings, competitions, hunts and other events being performed less than five kilometres from the external border, shall be agreed in writing with the prefectures because those activities may hinder the guarding the external border and disturb border peace. It is prohibited to use toxic and radioactive substances in transboundary water body. All kinds of activities which effect can spread over the external border or prevent from guarding the external border, shall violate the border peace.

The use of red flares without the reason is prohibited in the territorial and inland water, on the lake Peipsi, Lämmijärve and the lake Pihkva and the immediate vicinity of those bodies of water.

The red flare is sign for MAYDAY call and to use it without the good reason is prohibited.

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